Beauty is not always about a perfect face or body. It’s about health. No matter what your age, when you feel energized, you look and feel powerful, sexy, confident and gorgeous. Improve circulation and skin tone and rejuvenate your body with Cryotherapy, the hottest sub-zero technology. Experience an energy you have never felt before. Learn more about cryotherapy technology in NYC and explore all our beauty services.


Our clients are high achievers who want to balance life and work but their non-stop lifestyle is breaking them down. Cryotherapy and rejuvenation in NYC helps boost their ability to perform. Beyond athletics, performance is about having the energy and stamina to keep pace with your career, families, travel and social life. CryoEmpire is the catalyst for you to recharge your energy to feel healthy, strong and dynamic again. Explore our full range of performance treatments.


Weekend Warriors understand the importance of fitness in their lifestyle. To maintain peak performance, they need a way to heal faster and recover their energy and stamina. Busy executives need a way to regain their energy in order to meet the intense demands and balance of their work and family lives. Cryotherapy in NYC rejuvenates your body in an entirely new way. Discover all our recovery therapies and renew your body today.

Revitalizing Beauty With Advanced Cryotherapy In NYC

It’s not about your actual age, but how old you feel. Life doesn’t have to take its toll on your body. Emerging as the leading rejuvenation center and cryotherapy in NYC, we offer a state of the art facility that combines advanced science and relaxation therapy. Experience our full range of beauty and health services. Find out more today!

Rejuvenate at CryoEmpire.

Before you see snow on the ground, you will know winter is coming from the changes in your skin. As the temperature drops, your skin is more likely to get dry, flaky, and irritated. If your skin suffers during the winter, you may think microdermabrasion NYC will be too harsh

NormaTec Leg Recovery Boots are the latest in athlete recovery to increase circulation and flush any built-up fluid out of the limbs. This state-of-the-art technology uses dynamic compression to massage the entire leg. As a leader in rapid recovery and rehabilitation after intense training, Normatec Boots are Ideal for runners

With so many amazing options for facial rejuvenation in NYC, how do you know which is best for you? At CryoEmpire, we are proud to offer a variety of treatments that heal and improve your skin. Learn about some of our most popular treatments and how each of them can

Unlike whole body cryotherapy where your entire body is immersed in a chamber reaching -220°F, local cryotherapy can be applied to particular parts of your body for concentrated results. While we’ve discussed the many benefits of whole body cryo in previous blog posts, localized cryotherapy treatments have their own set

Many of us are hitting the gym and following weight-loss tips to feel confident and fit this summer. Sometime, however, stubborn areas of fat that just won’t go away no matter how hard we try. Contouring and sculpting procedures like SculpSure are this summer’s biggest beauty hack to look slimmer

Practicing self-care is a crucial part of a person’s wellbeing that many people neglect. While it’s easy to abandon taking care of ourselves during busy and overwhelming times, acts of self-care can actually improve your performance and progress over-all. Self-care can be as simple as eating well and exercising regularly, but


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