Sculpsure Grand Opening Special!

The grand opening celebration continues with special packages for Sculpsure! Enjoy the benefits of the one and only FDA approved fat reduction laser on the market, now for an unbeatable price. Learn more about SculpSure.

Choose from:

2 applicators for $499


4 applicators for $799


This is a limited time and non-refundable offer. Can’t be combined with any other SculpSure offer. There is no limit on the number of applicators per person and no expiration date. Reservation is required for each appointment, subject to availability. Our standard 24-hour cancellation applies to each appointment.

2 for 1 IVs on Saturdays + Sundays

Saturdays and Sundays only! Come chill and drip with us and enjoy 2 for 1 (full priced) IV Drips over the weekend! Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Lucky Ten Grand Opening Offer: Any 10 Services For Only $350!

The secret is out! Yes, we have moved to a beautiful new location overseeing Fifth Ave, where we will continue our mission of proving the best recovery, wellness and rejuvenation services by top specialists. We want to celebrate with you as well! Enjoy any ten services at a special price with no expiration date. You can choose the same treatment or try a different one every time!

The Options:

  • CryoFacials
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy
  • Local Cryotherapy (specific area)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Normatec Recovery Boots
  • Celluma LED lamp (for acne, wrinkles and pain)
  • Booty Lift Cryotherapy
  • Cupping Therapy

Treat yourself and share with your friends – Multiple packages can be purchased!

This is a limited time and non refundable offer. Any other services not listed above are excluded. Can’t be combined with any other offer. While there is no limit on number of packages per person, the same package can not be used by multiple people. No expiration date. Reservation is required for each appointment, subject to daily availability. No more than two different sessions per day per client could be scheduled. 24 hour cancellation applies to each appointment. One session will be deducted for no shows or if cancelled in less than in 24 hours.


CryoEmpire Monthly Membership Packages

Beauty Packages

Beauty Package $160
4 cryo facial (on infrared mat) sessions per month

Performance Packages

Performance Package $220
4 whole body cryo sessions per month

Super Performance Package $399
Unlimited, monthly whole body cryotherapy sessions

(minimum 3 months term)

Recovery Packages

Recovery Package $88
4 leg recovery boot sessions per month


Rejuvenate today!

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