Road to Recovery: Using the NormaTec Leg After The 2017 NYC Marathon

Road to Recovery: Using the NormaTec Leg After The 2017 NYC Marathon

The 2017 TCS New York City Marathon just took place this past Sunday, where some of the best distance runners from around the world participated in this prestigious race. However, now that the race is over, recovery is the main priority. The runners have pushed their bodies to the limit, which can take a physical toll if proper recuperation methods are not employed. In order to heal and strengthen your body after an endurance challenge such as a marathon, simple stretching is not going to do the job. This is where NormaTec Leg Recovery System comes in. As a leader in rapid recovery, this is the physical rehabilitation tool that runners need.

What is it?

The NormaTec Leg Recovery System is a dynamic compression device designed to fit the entire leg for optimal recovery and rehabilitation. the NormaTec Leg features overlapping zones for gapless compression and no-fuss integrated tubing, all while reflecting the utmost quality of materials. It also custom-molds to the particular shape of your body every time you use it.

What does it do?

The NormaTec Leg utilizes patented NormaTec PULSE technology that ensures runner recovery sooner between training and after endurance challenges. The compressed air massages the entirety of your legs to keep fluid moving and expedite the recovery process. The inflatable leg sleeve highlights five different zones from your feet to your hips, compressing and pulsing for increased blood flow. The compressor is adjustable to your specific needs, allowing you to control the duration of the session and the amount pressure being applied.

It is the chosen recovery system of many NYC Marathon runners.

The goal of NormaTec is to effectively integrate recovery as a meaningful part of every athlete’s training. That is why so many elite endurance runners choose the NormaTec Leg, including Olympic medalists and frequent NYC Marathon runners, Ryan Hall, Deena Kastor, and Meb Keflezighi. Although we were able to see the amazing efforts from the 2017 NYC Marathon runners, their work does not end there. It is now time to put a recovery regimen in place, and the best way to do that is with the NormaTec Leg Recovery System.

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