Valentine’s Day Rejuvenation Gifts for the Person You Love

Valentine’s Day Rejuvenation Gifts for the Person You Love

Nothing says “I love you” quite like the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, these are the perfect rejuvenation gift ideas for February.

Rejuvenation and Romance

Our Two For One Special offers services as two for the price of one! Bring your significant other to CryoEmpire in the month of February, so you can both enjoy them together. Relaxation has never been so romantic! This special includes the following four services:

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Immerse yourself in a mist of sub-zero air to boost cell renewal, repair muscle tears, eliminate toxins, supercharge metabolic rate, and get a natural high. During the less than 3 minutes session you are in the extremely cold chamber, your body rushes blood to your core to keep warm. After returning to room temperature, your extra-oxygenated blood sparks an anti-inflammatory response immediately. This results in clients experiencing improved energy levels, faster metabolism, minimized inflammation and joint pain, and a youthful glow to your skin.


This fabulous treatment uses nitrogen-cooled air on the face and neck to boost your skin’s appearance. The cold air activates collagen production in the deeper levels of your skin, bringing a youthful glow to the surface. All it takes is 10 minutes for you and your partner to have a radiant and smooth face. Permanent improvements set in with multiple treatments.

IV Drips

These mega-boost vitamin IV drips bypass your digestive system and go straight to your bloodstream, allowing the full power of the nutrients to thrive. We offer formulas such as detox, Hydration Formula, Performance Formula, and energizing B12 booster. Choose your IV Vitamin Therapy based on your needs.

Normatec Recovery Boots

Ideal for runners and other athletes, the NormaTec Leg Recovery Boots massage and compress your entire leg to help you rehabilitate sooner between training. The dynamic pulsing of these high-tech boots increases movement of fluid and metabolites out of your limbs, quickly relieving aches and pain.

*Must be two people booked for the services. Offer valid for recovery boots, IV drips, cryo facial, whole body cryotherapy and local cryotherapy. E-mail us to book your session:

Give Yourself Some Love

Love isn’t restricted to another person. Valentine’s Day is also about loving yourself! Be your own valentine, and treat yourself to any of our aesthetics treatments for 15% OFF during our Love Yourself February special. Some of our top treatments include:

Celluma LED Facial

Celluma uses an LED light facial device to improve your cellular health by accelerating the regeneration and repair of compromised cells in your skin. From treating acne to minimizing wrinkles, this powerful rejuvenation therapy delivers incredible therapeutic benefits. Unlike other facials on the market, Celluma Light Therapy is an all-in-one solution to give your skin the love it deserves.


Do you have stubborn fat? Get body contouring results, with the newest, FDA approved and most advanced body sculpting / fat reduction treatment available. SculpSure makes it possible to permanently remove targeted fat easily with no recovery time. Feel your best with this state-of-the-art, controlled laser-based technology.

PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Therapy is one of the latest anti-aging facial treatments. Gaining popularity with celebrities, this beauty treatment stimulates cell turnover and tissue rejuvenation. During PRP Therapy, your own blood is used to promote the healthy activity of your skin cells. This procedure tremendously boosts collagen and elastin production and gives your skin an optimal dose of hydration and antioxidants. PRP is derived from your blood because platelets are rich in growth factors, acting as natural energy boosts for your skin. PRP is also a great hair-loss solution, as the richness of growth factors (from your blood) stimulates hair follicles to activate and promote new hair growth.

See all of our amazing beauty services here.

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