Know The Science Behind PRP Facials for Skin Restoration

Science Behind PRP Facials

Know The Science Behind PRP Facials for Skin Restoration

As a healing treatment widely chosen by celebrities, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facials are gaining more and more popularity. Also known as the “vampire facial”, this invigorating therapy uses your own blood to stimulate skin cells for healthy activity.

While some people may turn away from the idea of blood, this facial is certainly not something to be ignored. Anyone looking to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, reverse sun damage, or even out skin tone should consider a PRP facial. The platelet-rich plasma helps the body heal itself in a natural way without any chemicals or foreign substances. The science behind PRP facials proves its effectiveness in naturally healing the skin with almost no possibility of a negative reaction. Afterall, the treatment is derived from the client’s own body!

The Science Behind PRP Facials

PRP therapy activates cell turnover and boosts natural collagen production, resulting in rejuvenated facial tissue. Your skin contains red blood cells and serum consisting of platelets and white blood cells. The PRP for the facial is separated from the serum component of your blood, where the platelets are located. Once isolated into a concentrated dose, the PRP is injected into areas of the skin by a skilled medical doctor. These platelets are very rich in growth factors, which give natural energy boosts to your skin. In doing so, your skin’s tissue is able to optimally increase elastin and collagen, as well as provide antioxidants and hydration.

But you don’t have to take our word for it: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has cited multiple studies on the benefits of PRP therapy from peer-reviewed medical journals. For example, a 2011 study on using platelet-rich plasma for skin rejuvenation by Dr. Dae Hun Kim concluded that PRP does have the power to “promote the remodeling of aged and photoaged skin.” More recently, a 2017 literature review by Dr. Ebtisam Elghblawi in The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology writes, “PRP proved to promote wound healing and aid in facelift, volumetric skin, skin rejuvenation, regeneration, and reconstruction.” Several other medical studies on PRP for skin rejuvenation can also be found on the NIH website.

Real, Long-Lasting Results

Our clients that receive the PRP facial treatment experience rejuvenating results that continue to progress over several months. New cell growth generated by PRP occurs over a span of weeks to months, making the results look better and better as time passes.

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