The Hottest Celebrity Wellness Treatment is Below Freezing

Cryotherapy Celebrities

The Hottest Celebrity Wellness Treatment is Below Freezing

More and more celebrities are becoming fans of cryotherapy and with good reason! This popular celebrity wellness treatment is ideal to help all types of people reach their performance, recovery, and beauty goals. During a whole body cryotherapy session, you are immersed in the sub-zero air for 3 minutes. Afterward, people experience amazing benefits, such as higher energy levels, reduced joint pain and inflammation, faster metabolism, and even anti-aging effects on the skin.

Cryotherapy Celebrities

From actors to athletes, to wellness gurus, here are some of the top celebrities that swear by cryotherapy:

Tony Robbins: The author and life coach is always on the go. Whether Tony Robbins is on stage or traveling, he says cryotherapy helps him stay at the top of his game.

Justin Timberlake: The performance-boosting effects of cryotherapy aren’t just for athletes! Justin Timberlake frequently used cryotherapy in NYC while he prepared for his recent world tour.

Prince Harry: To get in the best shape for his wedding to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry regularly incorporated cryotherapy into his fitness and wellness routine.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Before his fight with Manny Pacquiao, boxer Floyd Mayweather used cryotherapy to boost performance and recovery between training.

Derek Hough: leading man on Dancing With The Stars pro has shared photos regularly from the cryotherapy chamber with his 2 million Instagram followers.

Daniel Craig: The Bond actor used cryotherapy to stay in shape while filming Skyfall.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The star soccer player uses cryotherapy to optimize his athletic performance and recovery. He has even stated that results from cryotherapy have given him a biological age of 23 years old (he’s actually 33).

Yolanda Hadid: The Real Housewife can’t get enough of cryotherapy and has even brought her co-stars along to join her.

Mandy Moore: According to a post on Instagram, she’s “obsessed” with cryotherapy.

Alicia Keys: The singer not only takes care of her voice, she also takes good care of her body by regularly doing cryotherapy.

Jennifer Aniston: The actress is one of many women in Hollywood who regularly do cryotherapy to keep their bodies looking better than ever. In just three minutes, a session in the freezing cold temperatures can burn about 800 calories.

Demi Moore: It’s been reported that cryotherapy is one of the main treatments Demi Moore uses to stay looking great at any age. Right before her 50th birthday, she was even seen leaving a cryotherapy session.

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