Cryo vs. Ice Bath: Which is Better for Muscle Recovery?

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Cryo vs. Ice Bath: Which is Better for Muscle Recovery?

Cold therapy for recovery and healing has been used among athletes for decades. At first, athletes had limited options to choose from, just consisting of different forms of ice. This included keeping an ice pack on a sore muscle, as well as the ice bath. Today, however, cold therapy goes well beyond ice baths to include the advanced technology of cryotherapy.

This new form of cold therapy uses cryogenically-cooled air to lower your superficial body temperature. Meanwhile, your body begins to rush blood to your core in order to stay warm. Once the treatment is completed, your extra-oxygenated blood produces an immediate healing and anti-inflammatory response, perfect for muscle recovery.


Cryotherapy vs Ice Baths

With the different options available, it begs the question: Which is better for muscle recovery?

Temperature: Ice is about 32° F when removed from the freezer; then it begins to warm and melt. Ice baths are actually even warmer, usually only reaching about 46° F. On the other hand, the sub-zero air in a cryotherapy chamber reaches lower than -200° F during a session for maximum intensity.

Comfort: In order for your muscles to truly benefit from icing, your body must be submerged for more than 10 minutes, which can be very uncomfortable. In contrast, a cryotherapy session lasts only 3 minutes. The much shorter duration of this therapy allows for minimal discomfort.

Physiological Response: Your body’s physiological response to cryotherapy will be more rapid and intense compared to traditional icing. Unlike ice baths, cryotherapy brings fast relief and accelerated healing. In fact, you’ll start to feel results after just one session! This is due to the difference in the amount of oxygen being delivered to your body’s tissue. In an ice bath, oxygen traveling to the skin and surface tissue is halted, which can create irritation a damage with long-term use. Meanwhile, cryotherapy produces the exact opposite effect. Cryotherapy boosts oxygen and nutrient delivery to the body’s tissue and even stimulates the natural production of collagen to improve skin, hair, and nails. Other benefits of cryotherapy include:

  • Faster recovery from intense exercise
  • Soothes nerve endings to relieve pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Slows tissue damage
  • Increased energy


Best Cryotherapy NYC

Overall, the advancements of cryotherapy treatment have made it superior to traditional icing methods for muscle recovery. Visit CryoEmpire perform better and recover faster all summer long. Take advantage of our special seasonal offer of Unlimited Cryotherapy for $199/month. Get the Best Cryotherapy NYC at a $1999 value for 90% off, available this summer only!

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