Wellness Must-Haves: The Best Summer Spa Treatments in NYC

Summer Spa Treatments in NYC

Wellness Must-Haves: The Best Summer Spa Treatments in NYC

Treat yourself this summer! CryoEmpire proudly offers some of the best summer spa treatments in NYC for your wellness needs.  

Body Shaping Cryotherapy

Too hot outside? The subzero air of cryotherapy is sure to cool you off. Not only that, our body shaping cryotherapy decreases cellulite and tones the appearance of the upper thigh and buttocks. This is achieved by shocking your body in motion to boost its natural production of collagen and lymphatic system. The below-freezing temperatures will break down the structure of fat cells, which the lymphatic system will then naturally flush out of your body. Because of this, body shaping cryotherapy is the perfect noninvasive solution for clients looking to feel more confident in their bikinis this summer.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Because of the warm weather, summer usually calls for more time outside. However, this also means more exposure to the elements that can impact your health. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will help you recover your health and boost your overall wellness. Immerse yourself in a chamber with heightened air pressure to give your body more oxygen to improve the immune system, brain function, and energy levels. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy also reduces inflammation and stimulates cells that promote optimal healing. Improving your health will allow you to do more this summer and make it the best yet!

IV Drip Therapy

Get a real boost this summer! IV Vitamin Therapy gives you the energy you need for all of the adventures you have planned. IV Drips bypass your digestive system and go directly to your bloodstream for powerful nutrients immediately. With the recent hot weather, it is also crucial that you are staying hydrated. Luckily, our Hydration Formula for IV Vitamin Drips is the ultimate solution to treat many issues, including dehydration, jet lag, and exhaustion.

Infrared Mat Therapy

Staying active this summer? Take some much-needed recovery time with Infrared Mat Therapy. At CryoEmpire, our mats are specially designed with far-infrared heating and lined with natural gemstones. Amethyst, Jade, and Tourmaline are incorporated into the mats to release heat steadily, which helps release tension and relax any sore muscles. Additionally, the healing benefits of heat and near-infrared light therapy have been indisputable. Reduce inflammation, minimize pain, and improve circulation during this all-in-one rejuvenating treatment.

Monthly Membership Packages

Feel great all summer long with our special monthly membership packages:

Beauty Package $160
: 4 cryo facial (on infrared mat) sessions per month

Super Beauty Package $340
: 4 whole body cryo session + 4 cryo facial sessions per month

Performance Package $220: 4 whole body cryo sessions per month

Super Performance Package $499: 4 whole body cryo sessions per month + 4 hyperbaric oxygen per month

Recovery Package $88
: 4 leg recovery boot sessions per month

Super Recovery Package $250
: 4 leg recovery boots + 4 whole body cryo sessions per month

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