Top Benefits of Local Cryotherapy

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Top Benefits of Local Cryotherapy

Unlike whole body cryotherapy where your entire body is immersed in a chamber reaching -220°F, local cryotherapy can be applied to particular parts of your body for concentrated results. While we’ve discussed the many benefits of whole body cryo in previous blog posts, localized cryotherapy treatments have their own set of unique benefits to your health.

High Safety Standards

There is minimal risk to skin and deeper tissues from localized cryotherapy treatments. Ability to control the temperature of the cooled air and duration of time it is applied allows it to be customized to your needs and level of sensitivity.


Although whole body cryotherapy is healing and invigorating, standing in the sub-zero cryo chamber is not a treatment everyone may be comfortable with. Localized cryotherapy allows the client to be seated or lying down comfortably while the treatment takes place.

Targeted Healing

Whole body cryotherapy is wonderful in relieving general pain and inflammation, but sometimes certain parts of the body require more attention. Local cryotherapy plays an especially important role in treating acute pain due to injury and post-surgery recovery. It is helpful in minimizing pain, reducing swelling, and promoting healing.

Effective Recovery

The targeted healing of local cryotherapy is so effective due to the cold air that is applied to penetrate deep into the damaged tissue to stimulate faster repair. That being said, utilizing a combination of Cryo Chamber NYC and local cryotherapy is best to experience maximum results.

Revitalized Appearance

In addition to healing injury, many clients of local cryotherapy see fewer wrinkles, reduced cellulite, and a more toned appearance after just one treatment. Learn more about body shaping in NYC with cryotherapy.

At CryoEmpire, we are proud to offer localized cryotherapy with the leading °CRYO Penguin technology. Our state-of-the-art devices have skin sensors to measure temperature and precision targeting for unparalleled safety standards.

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