How to Get Bikini Abs with SculpSure

How to Get Bikini Abs with SculpSure

Before you know it, warm weather and days at the beach will be in full swing. Are you feeling ready to rock your bikini this summer? If you’re shaking your head no, you’re not alone! So many people struggle to get the body they want in time for summer, especially when it comes to stubborn fat around the belly that seems impossible to lose despite diet and exercise. Luckily, SculpSure offers a solution. As the most advanced body sculpting treatment on the market, here’s how you can achieve your dream bikini abs with SculpSure.

Targeted Permanent Fat Removal

SculpSure’s state-of-the-art laser technology eliminates fat quickly, easily, and with no recovery time needed. In fact, clients can redefine their body shape in just 25 minutes! To help you show off bikini-ready abs, SculpSure targets the following areas:

  • Upper and Lower Abdomen
  • Flanks (Love Handles)
  • Back Handles

Want to target more than just your abs? SculpSure body contouring treatment can also be applied to the inner and outer thighs, under the buttocks, under the chin, and more

During this treatment, a skilled technician applies the applicators to the designated areas of your body where you want to remove fat. The non-invasive laser technology then targets and heat fat cells underneath the skin to break down their structure.

Paired with contact cooling, clients can expect zero pain, scarring, or sensitivity after the procedure. Instead, all they have to look forward to is seeing their abs in the mirror! Over time, the body removes the damaged fat cells naturally through the lymphatic system. Because fat cells cannot regenerate after they’ve been removed, the result is a permanent reduction in fat.

When to Begin Your SculpSure Treatment

If you’re wondering when to start your SculpSure treatment, sooner is always better! While results can vary by the individual, we recommended that clients undergo at least two body sculpting treatments to see the results they’re looking to achieve. After completing the SculpSure treatment, you can expect to see results within 4-6 weeks, and maximum results often to show after 12 weeks. Because treatment plans can be customized to each client’s goals, getting bikini abs with SculpSure is guaranteed satisfaction.

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