History of Cryotherapy

Using cold temperatures has been used to heal injuries and reduce inflammation since the time of the ancient Egyptians. That being said, The Whole Body Cryotherapy we use today was first developed in 1978. Established by Dr. Yamaguchi, he discovered that a rapid drop in temperature on the outer layer of skin released a burst of endorphins and decreased pain in his patients. As it evolved further, Cryotherapy became an effective form of physical therapy, soon playing a major role in the training regimens of athletes across the globe.

The Science Behind Our Cryotherapy In NYC

The days of harsh ice baths are now over. With full body cryotherapy technology, you are immersed in a gentle mist of -230°F arctic air for 2-3 minutes.

Exposed To Extreme Cold

Your body immediately senses that it needs to go into protection mode. It directs your blood flow to your core and most vital organs, where it picks up more oxygen and nutrients. When you return to warm air, your newly cleansed and oxygenated blood flows back in, causing a rush of energy and endorphins along with it. People say they experience a high and more mental focus for 5-6 hours afterward.

The Safest In Innovation

CRYO Arctic Full Body Cryotherapy Chamber, in contrast to widely available products, uses air-cooled gas during the treatment avoiding contact of nitrogen gas with the client. It delivers excellent results while conforming to the highest quality and safety standards. The CRYO Arctic by °CRYO Science is the safest, single person cryotherapy chamber available in the market. It features an air cooling system that uses heat exchange technology to enable treatment solutions without clients being in contact with nitrogen gas. It also introduces unique capabilities that allow a client to control and personalize their experience based on their health metrics. The °CRYO Arctic introduces a new level of safety standard quintessential to full body cryotherapy health treatments in NYC.

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