IV Vitamin Drips

Need a real boost?

IV Vitamin Therapy can give you the energy you need for the intense demands of your life. Drips bypass your digestive system and go right to your bloodstream, so you receive the full power of the nutrients immediately.

Our Formulas

Our Hydration Formula is the ultimate solution to treat a multitude of issues, including jet lag, exhaustion, and other dehydration conditions. Our mix of B vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids in a saline solution base restores metabolism and healthy immune function, making it one of the best options for IV Therapy in NYC.

Our Performance Formula is designed for muscle and fitness enhancement to achieve maximum performance and recovery. Our formula contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids that will power you through the week. Not just for athletes, busy professionals and stay-at-home parents can also use this IV Therapy in NYC to recharge and tackle the demands of work and family life.

Detox Your System

Because this drip is great ​​​for restoring hydration, as well as calming nausea and inflammation, IV Vitamin Therapy offers fast relief from hangovers and even food poisoning. Our drip contains essential amino acids and essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

Energize with a B12 Booster

When you feel tired and unmotivated, a B-12 drip will restore your energy instantly. A megadose of this key nutrient stimulates DNA production and brings new energy to nerve and blood cells.


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