Leg Recovery Boots – by Normatec®

Normatec Recovery Boots NYC

About Normatec Recovery Boots

At CryoEmpire, we offer the NormaTec Leg Recovery Boots to increase circulation and push fluid out of the limbs. This recovery system uses dynamic, massage-like compression in boots designed to fit the entire leg. Ideal for runners and other athletes, Normatec’s leg recovery system is a leader in rapid recovery and rehabilitation after intense training.


The NormaTec Leg Recovery Boots consist of overlapping zones that provide gapless compression. They also feature no-fuss integrated tubing, high-quality materials, and custom-molding to the particular shape of your body.

How it Works

Using patented NormaTec PULSE technology, this leg recovery system ensures rehabilitation sooner between training. The inflatable leg sleeve targets five different zones from your feet to your hips, while compressing and pulsing to increase blood flow. The dynamic pulsing moves upward to enhance the flow of metabolites and fluid out of your limbs, which relieves aches and pains. Additionally, the compressor is adjustable to your particular needs, giving you control of the amount of pressure being applied during the session.

Compression Boots – Intro Offer – $25

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