Cryotherapy – Whole Body

whole body cryotherapy new

About The Procedure

With full body Cryotherapy, you can expect to immerse yourself in a mist of sub-zero air for 3 minutes. In order to keep warm when you are exposed to extreme cold, your body rushes blood to your core. When you return to room temperature, your extra-oxygenated blood triggers an immediate anti-inflammatory response. This unique Cryo chamber in NYC can eliminate toxins, boost cell renewal, quickly repair muscle tears, supercharge metabolic rate, and give you a natural high.

Who the Procedure is For

While Cryotherapy is widely popular among Olympic athletes, this procedure is for anyone. People can use full body Cryotherapy for weight loss and increased energy in their non-stop lifestyles at home and in their careers – You can too!

Procedure Benefits

Our Cryo chamber NYC clients experience a faster metabolism, improved energy levels, reduced inflammation and joint pain, and a more youthful appearance to your skin.

Cryotherapy – Whole Body – Intro Offer – $50

CryoEmpire Freeze Your Youth™
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